1st module • STORYTELLING • 15/09 – 22/10
2nd module • CONCEPT • 10/11 – 17/12
3rd module • PROJECT • 12/01 – 18/02

Three modules to learn how to build a house.

Storytelling / Concept / Project

A course where the teachers (with the help of the students) will build the house for real.

A magic location (the mountains between Northern Thailand and Burma), a small house to be imagined, narrated, designed and built.

In the first module we will learn how to build the story and the visual imagery around our house. Architecture as a storytelling exercise.

The second module will be devoted to the "concept". What kind of space? What kind of relation between the inhabitants, the house and the surrounding nature?

In the third module we will develop the project. Technologies, materials, solutions. How to transform a story into a real house.

The course is imagined as a traditional atelier: the teachers lead and the students help to transform the ideas into reality. The result of the three modules is one stunning house (project / concept / storytelling) where the students are apprentices, learning while helping (the teachers).

The construction of the house is planned in 2021, more details will follow.

The teachers
Through the three modules of the course the students will be guided by some very special teachers:

Mauro Bubbico, one of the most influential graphic and communication designers around (have a look at his work here: www.maurobubbico.it)

Rachaporn Choochuey, internationally acclaimed architect based in Bangkok, founder of all(zone) studio (to know more visit: www.allzonedesignall.com).

Stefano Mirti, designer, teacher and many other things (among them to be director of our school). To discover his world here the link: @stefi_idlab.

Required materials
The first module (storytelling) will work with traditional tools (paper, pencils, pens, colors).
The second module (the concept) will work with digital tools (apps you can find in any smartphone).
The third module (the project) will work with a mix of traditional and digital tools.

Classes will be held live on Facebook in a private group (for members only). Each class is 1h long.
Reviews will be held live on Zoom's videocall (for members only). Each review is 1h long (if students are more than 25 reviews will be longer).
Lessons and reviews will be recorded and uploaded in the “video” section of the Facebook group through the whole course duration.

110 € single module
260 € three modules



110.00 € , 15 set — 22 ott 2020

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110.00 € , 10 nov — 17 dic 2020

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110.00 € , 12 gen — 18 feb 2021

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6 weeks:
 1 class per week +
1 review per week


Every Tuesday 4–5 PM (GMT+2)
live on Facebook


Every Thursday 4–5 PM (GMT+2)
live on Zoom




Certificate of attendance